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Have a Danish champion as your personal trainer

I have been a runner for as long as I can remember, and after 15 years of elite sports I took 5 years with marathon and ultra-marathon*. Currently I am enjoying running as a natural part of everyday life as a mother of three.

I am therefore experienced in several aspects of the personal development in running at several levels, and also “just” as the healthy aspect of life.

With a lifetime as a runner I have the experience and knowledge to support you to reach you personal goals – and I have a background in health sciences as a base of knowledge.

  • Would you like to get in shape to do your first 5K or maybe even a half-marathon or longer?
  • Would you like to make running a natural part of your everyday life – and have running as something you look forwar to?
  • Or would you like to loose some weight and have running as your preferred sport?
  • Would you like to improve your running technique? (Then check out this link and become a faster runner by tomorrow!)


As I want to have sufficient time to everyone I take in, I have limited space. If we should get in touch you can book ½ hour talk over phone here.

Personal training with me includes the following:
  • TRAINING – setting the scene for your daily and monthly training adapted to your everyday life and your short-and longterm goals
  • TECHNICAL TRAINING – optimizing your personal running technique
  • STRENGTH TRAINING – training to build up your body with what it needs more of
  • PSYCHOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT – tools to develop the psychology of you as a runner
  • GOALSETTING – setting and following up on personal goals
  • CONTACT – weekly contact and runs together to followup on your personal progress

Personal training is individual and vary in time and price, so get in touch to find out what is most optimal for YOU.

Much love from Christina


* Statistics have told me that I am the most winning Danish athlete with 36 national championships in sprints, relays and heptathlon. I have ran 6 marathons and og 4 ultramarathons convering distances from 60-100K. The legendary Comrades in South Africa over 89K was a highlight due to the history of this run, but my biggest personal achievement was the 100K in England in the summer of 2015 since I went from being a 100 meter to a 100.000 meter-runner in 20 years! You can read about me in Wikipidia.